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Engineering interfaces, stories and journeys to attract your audience and turn them into loyal customers runs to the core of what Attractor is. We help you take your most valuable digital asset from concept to killer, through a collaborative process of stakeholder engagement, audience research, data analysis and integrated strategic design.


Strategy, purpose and the ‘why’ of your business underpins every aspect of what we do. Before we get started on your solution, we engage key individuals through a tailored discovery process to deeply understand your objectives and help you achieve buy-in.

What role could your website play? How and why should it integrate with your automation systems and CRM? How can it give you the data you need to better understand your audience and drive business decisions? How can it make your life easier by drawing on existing systems and centralised information libraries? How can it be used for audience segmentation and remarketing? How could a customer interaction on my website inform the next phone call my sales team makes?

These questions and more are what frame our approach and drive our process of discovery and integrated strategic design.

At Attractor, we see your website as more than a face or communication tool for your business. It’s a mechanism for attracting and segmenting audiences, understanding user behaviour, personalising experiences, delivering outcomes.


Sure, opinions can be useful. But we prefer truth. We search for the truths hidden in your data and uncover your customers’ stories through research to inform your website’s user experience.

And once your solution is in place? Test. Learn. Design. Implement. Repeat.


In depth stakeholder interviews, customer interviews, tree analysis and testing, card sorting, real time trends, and keyword volume, value and density analysis and testing enables Attractor to comfortably find the language of the common user, and the language of your brand. Making your interactive website experiences “on brand” and “simple”. 

Language is the most sophisticated, and yet easiest of all the communications use and understand. Its breadth enables nuance, tone and timbre. Let us work with you on improving experience, acquisition and adoption by developing your IA using our task based methodology.


Bringing together strategy, research, vision, technical skills, creativity, and a human focus, we see design as more of a science than an art. 

We take you through a collaborative process of wireframing, design and finally interactive prototyping to the vision of your user’s experience to life before a line of code is written. 

We employ a mobile-first approach to reflect the overwhelming dominance of mobile visitation on most sites.


The plan is set, now it’s time to bring it to life through quality execution. Our experienced team of technology-agnostic developers love the challenge of overcoming complexity to achieve elegant and captivating interfaces. 

PHP, .net, CMS, headless, Angular, React are all just tools in our development arsenal that we pull from depending on the needs of your particular solution.

Developed for the humans and machines that matter, our websites are built with SEO, SEM, CRM and analytics in mind, helping you to attract, connect, understand and leverage traffic to your site.


Every website is different and choosing the right CMS is important for the two most important people in the room: your customer and you. Your customer needs it lean and mean on the front end, and you need it to be snappy and intuitive on the back end so you can quickly and easily bring your content, stories, successes and offers to the world. 

Our developers have worked with a large range of CMS and are well positioned to put forward the best fit for your needs. 

  • WordPress
  • Umbraco
  • Joomla
  • Drupal


Do you really know how secure, up-to-date and snappy your website is? 

Whether we’ve developed your website or not, it needs the love of ongoing maintenance! And you need the peace of mind and confidence that it’s solid, secure and performing well. 

Attractor typically provides the following services within its standard monthly retained site maintenance: 

  • Check and apply updates for website software, plugins and security fixes
  • Full site backups
  • Testing contact forms
  • Technical support – relating to existing website functionality
  • 24/7 Site Availability Monitoring 
  • Assistance moving your website from one hosting company to another if required
  • Bug and error checks
  • Optimisation recommendations when appropriate

Speak to us about ensuring your website’s security, performance and health with monthly maintenance. 

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