We take a strategic, comprehensive approach to the potential customer’s path-to-purchase by evaluating the customer experience at all stages of the relationship. We consider the various marketing channels that are employed to communicate with the potential customer. For example, are email marketing, live chat, or social media being utilised as part of the path-to purchase?

Attractor specialises in Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Although we specialise in Microsoft Dynamics, we also have years of experience working with and integrating websites with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

A number of our clients in the property space use Runway as their CRM, we also have years of experience helping clients to integrate their Runway CRM with their website and other marketing automation systems.

CRM Implementation

Attractor can help you to collect and document your CRM requirements to meet your business needs. We can work with your Sales, Marketing and Service Delivery teams to map the customer journey and then implement a CRM solution that matches the business requirements.

CRM Maintenance

Attractor can help you to maintain and improve your existing Microsoft Dynamics environment. We can implement improvements to the CRM interface including workflow automations, additional data capture and reporting functionality, and integrations with other business systems.

CRM Integration

Utilising web services we can develop integrations between your existing Dynamics CRM and other business systems including internal and external systems you connect with.

Not just Dynamics

Attractor also can integrate your website with other CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Zoho, Runway and Hubspot.

If the CRM has an API, we are able to integrate it with your website or marketing automation system of choice.

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Digital and Traditional Media combined, with a Digital first approach. We plan, buy, and optimise your campaign thanks to our love of collecting and analysing data to make decisions. Search, Social, Display and Traditional working in harmony.

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