Attractor believes everybody has a story to tell, and what better way to do so than through today’s most accessible medium… Social Media.

We tell our clients stories in compelling ways through digital media, continually testing and refining the messages through audience behaviour feedback. Based on our knowledge and continuous testing of content and messaging we can deliver measurable results.

We’ll help you pick apart the minefields of metrics that are broadcast like they mean everything. (Of course, they mean something, but we’ll make sure to put them into the correct context for you).

Social media gives our clients a platform for creating authentic and targeted narratives in an environment where audience participation and sharing is the norm. Depending on your industry, there is no better way to grow awareness for your brand currently than on social media. 

Together, working collaboratively we hope to tell your stories to start growing your brand today!


Having the right content mix is important in today’s competitive social feeds. Attractor’s social media strategy drives social content planning, creation, and conceptualisation that is engaging based on what’s happening in the social media world today. The content captions are then curated to the end-user and tailored to the relevant audience of the client. 


Attractor utilises a variety of tools to collaboratively plan out content including Trello to facilitate the drafting and refinement of creative content alongside our clients. This includes discussion and approval of video and image edits and post copy relevant to each of the social platforms.

Once post content creative and copy is approved by the client it is finalised for posting and scheduled to platforms based on timing for optimal engagement. This allows for open and fast turnaround of changes to copy or image edits to the content being published to the social platforms.


Attractor focuses on social media content that brings your brand to life. We are all about showcasing what makes you unique and content that your audience wants to engage in. 

By working with passionate clients, we come up with engaging ideas to bring the message to life through video and photography in the context of the business. In today’s social media universe, it is now more important than ever to create interesting content to keep your audience engaged and aware of your brand’s offerings. We do this through innovative ways in content creation.

We find that showcasing the “Superstars” of your brand on social media attracts the most engagement through more reaction, comments, and shares. Our current clients love the creative process and through our direction we help communicate their unique offer, in a fun and socially engaging way. 

Content produced is based on the following to ensure relevance and reliability: 

  • Filming and photography of brand offerings and vision
  • Pre-campaign content to strategically promote campaigns
  • Adaptive and socially relevant when appropriate
  • Innovative videos and editing that is unique to your brand



Attractor values its professional relationships with both Facebook and Google.  We maintain strong relationships with these two market leaders.  

Attractor is constantly updated with the latest capabilities of both platforms.  These partners also provide us with key research findings and recommendations to benefit our clients. As part of our continued journey of learning and staying on top of the industry trends, Attractor ensures certification with both Google and Facebook advertising platforms as well as attends training and conferences in the industry. 

Attractor shares relevant insights and opportunities with our clients. We believe that success is achieved when knowledge is shared.  

Shared knowledge enables richer collaboration.

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